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LAURIE MILNER   Editorial Services


I was faced with the task of adapting my PhD dissertation into a book manuscript, and Laurie Milner proved to be the ideal editor for the job. She pushed me towards more clarity and readability, gently pointed out my blind spots, and acted as a supportive coach throughout the process. Her suggestions sent my chapters in surprising new directions, and brought the manuscript’s structure, content, and argument to another level. Laurie's enthusiasm, ability to see the big picture, attentiveness to nuance and specificity, and broad interdisciplinary knowledge make her an exceptional editor. I recommend her services wholeheartedly!


Gabriel Levine

Assistant Professor

Glendon College, York University





Dr. Laurie Milner provided close, thoughtful, and rigorous editing to my manuscript, BHOPAL DANCE. She gave me detailed feedback on the very specific questions I had for her about the manuscript’s historical context, as well as highlighting issues I hadn't considered. She balanced general comments well with specific, concrete suggestions. Her expertise as an art historian and her decades-long experience as a teacher at all levels were much in evidence in her brilliant and concise comments. I highly recommend Dr. Milner to any writer, working in any genre!


Jennifer Natalya Fink

Pulitzer-nominated author

Professor, Georgetown University


Working with Laurie was an absolute pleasure. I knew her as a professor from my Concordia days, and so when I learned she offers independent editing services, I knew who I wanted to handle the manuscript I was working on for the National Park Service. 


Laurie reads with an ear so finely tuned to not just language but also context, and in particular her knowledge of art history and her sensitivity to various aspects of the cultural milieu of North America were invaluable. Being able to bounce ideas back and forth with her during the process of writing and editing helped shape the book from an amorphous pile of notes and journal entries into something not just readable, but hopefully persuasive. 


She is keenly insightful and very honest, which are what I imagine to be critical qualities in a great editor. 

Emily Jan

Independent Artist


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