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LAURIE MILNER    Editorial Services





Editing rates depend on many factors including the length and complexity of your manuscript, the degree of editing required, and the lead time for the project. If you send me a sample—preferably a passage of 1,000-1,500 words from the latter part of your manuscript—I’d be happy to do a free partial edit, offer comments about the text, and provide a quote for editing services.


Types of Editing


Copy Editing: Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage for accuracy and consistency, as well as formatting and compliance with Chicago or MLA style guides when relevant.  May include suggestions for improving clarity and style at the sentence level.


Stylistic Editing: Copy editing with greater emphasis on clarifying meaning and improving style. A detailed style sheet showing authorial and editorial decisions is available upon request.


Structural Editing: Improving the clarity, flow and overall effectiveness of a manuscript by offering suggestions for reorganizing, adding and cutting material, or developing ideas. May include original research if requested. Often combined with stylistic or copy editing.


Developmental Editing: Writing and editing support from the initial stages or when a project requires big picture rethinking and restructuring. May be combined with structural/substantive and stylistic editing.


Proofreading: Checking the final version of the manuscript for typos and basic errors.


Writing/Rewriting: Composing a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript based on the client's ideas and/or research.


Author Coaching: One-on-one coaching through a book or project proposal, or manuscript.

Please note that I follow the Editors Canada Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses/Dissertations.

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